About Matt Point Zero Photography - Matt Point Zero

This is me, hiding behind my wife and daughters...

Thanks for stopping by

This site is a base for my photographic work.  

I almost never take paid commissions as I rarely have the time, so mostly I enjoy being really choosy and shooting things I enjoy with people I am going to enjoy working with, just for the fun of producing work we are proud of.

Occasionally I will work for a bottle of very high quality Gin.  Brockmans.  Lone Wolf.  Tanqueray #10.  Definitely no Gordon's.

I specialise in one-to-one portfolio and boudoir work, as well as themed / horror / gore / abstract.  I have shot a lot of pole dance and occasionally the odd wedding for friends or if the venue is so spectacular and the people are so lovely that I can't turn it down  -  however I am able to only shoot an exclusively small number of people each year.  If you like my work and would like to discuss a project, please get in touch.

(please use the contact form above.  Or call me.  Or if you have carrier pigeons or drones, they are also cool)

This is also me, hiding behind one of my best mates in the world, Martin.  Martin lives in Belfast, and as you can see, he is a pretty cool character.

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