This is me, hiding behind my wife and daughters...

Thanks for stopping by

This site is a base for my photographic work.  

I love shooting weddings and shoot an exclusive number each year that I really enjoy.  I also offer day shoots for people who want to shoot one to one (or maybe up to three people if you want to book with friends!) either at my fully equipped home studio space or on location somewhere amazing.

Whatever I shoot, I want it to be a fun and tailored project, and believe everything should end up a unique mix of the photographer and the people being photographed - it should also be really enjoyable.

(please use the contact form above.  Or call me.  Or if you have carrier pigeons or drones, they are also cool)

This is also me, hiding behind one of my best mates in the world, Martin.  Martin lives in Belfast, and as you can see, he is a pretty cool character.

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